No connection to ROV after updating the BBB




I have the OpenROV 2.8 version, I posted a while back about a leakage issue I had that stopped one motor to function correctly, it was vibrating, the contact support told me to flush the BBB and update it again which is what I did.
However, after that, I cannot connect back to the robot through my browser in any way. can anyone please help me?
I appreciate every response.

Kind regards,
Mirko Mohammed


Please answer my questions in detail for best troubleshooting results:

Test the Beagle Bone Black- Remove it from ROV entirely. Remove the SD card if it is in the SD slot still. Power on with 5v USB cable. After 1-2 minutes, when lights are all on / (not blinking sporadically). Connect with Ethernet cable to your computer.
First try to connect with Google Chrome Browser. If doesn’t connect with G. Chrome, open the program Command Prompt (windows). In the search bar on Explorer, type in CMD to find it. When it is open, type in the following: “ping”

Hopefully it will give you a result of “100 ms” or so, 4 packets sent, 4 packets received. If it says:
Request timed out
Destination host unreachable
Transmit failed, error code #
999+ ms
Then there is a network issue.

Tell me what the result of test #1 is, it is the most important to determine where the issue is based.

If results for step 1 are positive (connection established) proceed to step 2. Make sure batteries are fully charged, make sure all circuit boards that are connected has full connection, so they are pressed down all the way, no wires in the way. Reassemble the Electronics chassis. Plug in the tether to the topside adapter. Plug in the 5v USB power and the ethernet into the Topside box.
Check your topside adapter box after 2 minutes. Tell me which of the 3 lights are on. They all should be. If the middle one is not on then that means the 2 Tenda / Homeplug boards aren’t communicating, and the tether is not relaying ethernet signal, but only power.

If all 3 lights are on, go ahead and try to connect to the cockpit again from Google Chrome browser. If it doesn’t work, go back to command prompt. Type in “ping”. See ping instructions from step 1 for this as well.

3: You have mentioned in past email correspondences that it was once flooded with water and that the electronics still have a burnt smell to them? Provide the following info;
-Are the electronics visibly damaged
-What lights are on the controller board when it is powered on
-What lights are on the Beagle Bone Black
-Do you get positive ping results