No Conn, Controller board doesnt boot, BBB stays off



I have a rev. 6 board and Li-FePO4 batteries. ROV serial is 1376.

When I power up the topside tether adapter the pwr-led and Ethernet-led light up but not the homeplug-led.

I've been trying to pair them as per . No success.

At that time, the pwr-led on the controller board lights up, initially flickering (indicating a boot sequence?). After about 10 seconds it does shine with a steady light.

No other LED's light up at the controller board. The ESC leds don't shine, the BBB is indeed black (sorry :) , no leds come on at all.

If I short J12 the same thing happens.

If I short J17 (and J12) the ESC:s turn on a red led

The round/square thingy at the "non-ESC" end of the controller board gets pretty warm, at least 60C (140F), is this normal (a short somewhere?).

If i remove everything BBB, ROV-side tether adapter, servos, esc-control and boot by shorting J12 the same thing happens.

I have 9.39 and 9.80 on the batteries measured at the DB25 at this point.

If I attach the "naked" BBB to USB on my computer it does indeed show up as a flash drive. The start.htm file wants to connect to (is this weird?)

Anyone have any ideas as to how to proceed?

Thx in advance,

Richard S


Some progress, see later post