No camera feed or light toggle after connecting gamepad and adjusting input map


Everything was working fine with my 2.8 kit (with HD camera upgrade, light cubes and IMU) on the bench. I wanted to get gamepad control before my first water test, so I purchased the logitech f310 as it seemed that was what people had the most success with.

I remapped the controls on the gamepad how I wanted them through the “input” app in the cockpit menu.
The only things working are the left and right sticks which both control the motors, and the up/down and left arrows on the d-pad, which control camera tilt and center.
None of the buttons will do anything (lights, lasers, heading/depth hold etc.)

Secondary issues…not sure if they’re related to connecting the gamepad or not:
-after exiting the input app back to the cockpit screen, my light toggles are messed up. Hitting the appropriate key just makes the light blink on, then off again. It doesn’t stay on like it should. (the lasers however still toggle on and off as they should)

  • I’ve reproduced this a number of times, disconnecting everything, rebooting the rov and reconnecting. Each time I access the input (or “settings”) app and return to the cockpit I get the same issue.
  • Also, I haven’t gotten a camera feed in the cockpit since my first reboot after the light issue.

I’ve tested this on three different systems, running windows 7,8 and 10. All with the most recent version of chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

ROV is Running the latest firmware

Is this just a chrome issue? is there a better version I should roll back to?


Reinstalled my LAN driver and I’ve got the video feed back, but still having the blinking issue, and still cannot get any of the f310 buttons to work.
Can anyone share their most recent setup that has worked with this gamepad? (windows version, chrome version etc.)



Hey @geoffreyash, thanks for the bug report!

We think we may have isolated the issue you are describing, so keep an eye out for the next beta release of the image. If you are up for it, we should have the proposed fix in the repo by tonight.

Thanks again!


Cool, thanks. So will the new image be uploaded to your link, or here?


Here: New Release Candidate Image ready with 31.0.0 RC