No access to OpenROV Software with a Trident delivered


Hi There,

Sorry to bringing this issue to the forum, but I am hopefully someone who already has there Trident can help me out.

I received my Trident on Tuesday last week. I wrote into support on two separate tickets since I have gotten my Trident as per the memo in the box telling me to do that, requesting the OpenROV software. I have gotten one email back after over a day wait saying that ‘I am good to go’, Does anyone who has gotten the software have any idea what steps to take after OpenROV has added you to there beta software?

I have checked my Google account to see if anything has been added to my library or in the beta section of apps, and I have found nothing. I have written back two or three times since that email with no reply from support.

Seeing as it is the weekend now I am doubtful I will get a reply from support as it is outside their business hours. I am hopeful someone here can guide me to the software. It is a shame as the ROV is useless without it and after 4 days of having it I can not even turn it on to see if it works.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. If anyone from OpenROV reads the forums my ticket number is 14973


Someone kindly provided me with the link to the software. I guess I was added but the link was forgotten.



Login to the Google Play Store, search for “OpenROV Cockpit” and Install like any other app.

The app won’t show up unless OpenROV Support has put you in the beta with your Google account.


The app did not show up. I searched for it many times since Tuesday. The link that I was given by another user took me to a beta page that allowed me to install the app via that link. It seems they did add me to the beta app, but the link is still required to install it, at least til it is added to your library of apps

Since it has been added to my library it does show up on my other apps now via the play store.

Everything works great now…