Night Dives!


Eric talks about this all the time, but his favorite time to drive the ROV is at night. It's really cool to watch the ROV's lights fly through the water and steadily disappear. Here's a video from David Rankin in Lake Powell that captures some of the magic.






Yeah-- this is SERIOUSLY cool, David! It's just amazing to see footage from the bottom of a lake... at night.. with device we've all worked on together... made from off-the-shelf parts. Oh man, there is so much out there to explore!


... Please let us know if you find any lake monsters lurking in the darkness down there!


Thanks Eric. Certainly an amazing accomplishment to say the least. I have to say it was a bit creepy out there after 10pm out on a dock tossing this thing in the lake, but eventually my curiosity took over and I completely forgot where I was. Had a really fun time. Also getting this thing dialed in - much better at flying it.