Nice to meet you


Hello, everyone. This is Vincent from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. I am new to this forum and the ROV. I am Looking forard to learning knowledge and finding some partners( from Shenzhen or China) in here and build our ROV. My qq: 2555972, or e-mail me, thank you.


Great to have you here!

I hope that you find some other people in Shenzhen to build the ROV with!

My name is Zack and I work at OpenROV. Please let me know if you have any questions anytime.



Hi Zack, thanks for your kind reply.
It seems few people from China? :sweat_smile:
And I wonder if I’d like to buy one Trident but don’t completely know how to use it well, as it does not have the Chinese manual yet? :smirk:


Dear Zack,

Glad to hear from you. :slight_smile:

Yet, I tried to but not yet find anyone from Shenzhen, China in the forum.

So if I want to buy one, when there will be in stocks of Trident, or you just accept pre-order noly?
And what will be the shipping cost of 1pc from US to Shenzhen(Post code: 518066), Guandong Province, China?

I am a little worried because some of my friends who are also interested in the ROV might not be able to operate it without Chinese manual.

So is there anything we could do to improve that?

Thank you and hear from you.

Best Regards
Vincent Hao
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Hello Vincent,

there have been some active members from China, just search a bit on the forum or scroll through the latest threads.

The guides and the manual is not officially available in other languages (as far as I am aware of). However, in general this is an open community and anyone can help. For example, you could help with an unofficial translation of some documents.

The Trident is not yet available, i think it will be delivered in fall this year. At the moment the OpenROV 2.8 is available. See the OpenROV store for more details on these models. If you are unsure which model is best for you, I am sure we can help.


Translation of the build instructions and operator’s manual is something we are actively working on right now. We have some translators lined up already but we are always looking for more translators. Please PM me if you are interested in translating.


aha, @2555972 I am from China,Guanzhou. Our team has already built one 2.8 and set a dive ! Nice to meet you here !


Nice to meet you, Vincent. I am pretty new as well. I have been lurking, but I just made my first post a few minutes ago. My team will be visiting Hong Kong in May. We have been invited to talk about our project using the 2.8.


I am from guangzhou. My QQ id is 214266506.