Next Generation of OpenROVers


Members of Boy Scout Troop 534 took an OpenROV for a spin in Lake Michigan on Saturday morning. The weather was cold (in the 40s in September) but the OpenROV held its own in the choppy lake water. Details and photos.


Sounds like y'all had some fun. If you are looking for some calm water that is relatively good vis. you might try it should be about 1hr 30min North of Chicago. Good luck and have fun.


Thanks for the tip. Looks like a quick road trip from Chicago.


Awesome of you to share the experience Ray, both with the Scouts and with us :) Please keep sharing; I enjoy hearing about these experiences especially through the viewpoints of kids/students/young builders.

I'm looking forward to catching up with you in New York. Reach me on Twitter @Charliemaker2 if your schedule allows and we can find a good time/place to hook up


Thanks Charles. Sun, 9/21/2014 during or after the NY Maker Faire would be an ideal time to grab coffee. Just followed you on Twitter. Looking forward to meeting you.