Newbie to Javascript


Hi, I am new to Javascript so am not familiar to the setup environment.
I am trying to look at the cockpit front end without any hardware.
I’ve downloaded and installed Node.js
and have downloaded the Cockpit source from GitHub but this is as far I am able to go.
I am on Windows XP
I’ve saved it to C:\Cockpit
Gone to my cmd
changed directory to C:\Cockpit
and run npm install
I then get some errors.
They are saved to a log file but I can’t make head nor tail of them.
I’m too used to writing in .NET Grrr
Anyone able to assist me I’d be very grateful

Log is 400 lines but the cmd screen contains the folowing and more
Error Log for initial npm Install

WARN No License field
ERR Windows_NT 5.1.2600
ERR argv  for node js  "install
ERR node v4.1.0
ERR npm v2.14.3
ERR syscall connect


Hi Gary,

I’m not sure about Windows XP, but I have been able to get the node server running on a Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machine. I had to make a few changes to some scripts because of some newline/formatting problems on windows, which I committed back to the code base recently (so maybe getting the latest version of the code could help, if you haven’t gotten it already.

One thing that I found was that using the Windows command line is very prone to problems. When working with the OpenROV code, I always use the Bash shell that is bundled with Git, which I believe is actually a Cygwin shell. This helps to minimize the errors caused by differences between Linux and Windows, since it is able to understand most of the Linux formatting.

At any rate, it seems that lately a few people are having issues with getting the software running on Windows, so I’ll put together a guide for it.