Newbie Questions



I have just joined this site and have some questions which may sound stupid to some of you but I can't find answers on any of the other forums , so here are my questions:

Its possible all this is done from a laptop connected to the ROV via the twisted pair cable, if so how and are there links to how the systems functions and what may be done to add new functionality.

1: What controls the ROV from the land,supposing you are on the lake shore or sea shore, how do you control the direction, the pitch and the speed of the ROV?Also can one change the camera direction independently from the chassis direction?

2: How does one record what the camera sees, if I want to get a raw video feed from the ROV to make a video clip later , how do I get the feed for the dive? Is it on the on board SD card on Beagle Bone,thought this is used only to get the ROV to function? If not how do it get to control it via a computer and the program to use,Hint, computers are not my strong suit but I'm learning.

3: On one video I heard a comment that the ROV in Lake Tahoe could be controlled from Pittsburgh,through an IP connection I suppose but more details would be nice.

4: If I want to build my own kit,what do I need to cut the acrylic both dimensionally and hole through cuts?Are templates provided?

Thanking you in advance, James.



1.) You control the vehicle through a web browser on your laptop, which is hooked to the twisted-pair tether. The camera can be tilted up and down in relation to the rest of the vehicle, but camera panning is done by yawing the whole vehicle.

2.) We currently use VLC on the laptop for recording the video. Other solutions are possible.

3.) Everything about the connection to the ROV is IP-based, so control can be from anywhere if the top-side laptop has an internet connection.

4.) If you order the kit, all the acrylic pieces are pre-cut. If you are building from scratch using the plans that are on our website, you will need access to a laser cutter.

Hope that helps.



Hey Walt! Might you have time for a 10 minute video chat regarding BB boot up? Noob questions as well…


Thanks Walt.


Hi Marius:

I believe David's going to schedule up a Developer's call for this Friday (16 May?). That might be the appropriate time to ask your questions, so that it gets recorded for others to see and learn as well.



Got it all figured out…the main issue is that it was way easier than I expected…plug n play! I was just intimidated by all the little computers. That ML hack was a stroke of genius and the way it fit perfectly was amazing. See you at the dev call.