Newbie: How do I make changes in the cockpit gui? + How to remotedly connect with OpenROV



Dear community members,

I am working with a BBB installed OpenROV image and am able to see the cockpit using the start.html file through USB and also through the LAN cable.
I have a few questions to ask:
1- The OpenROV system that I have to work on is on a remote location and not physically accessible. Is there a possibility that I can connect to the ROV using some Internet settings and see the cockpit on my screen?
2- I need to see the real time displacement values of the gyroscope. Is there an already built in plugin that allows you to do so? Or do I have to play around with the code to make it appear on my cockpit?
If latter is the case, can you please guide me on where to start from, since I have no knowledge of Javascripting or node.js . (I see relevant cockpit files in the /opt/cockpit folder of the OpenROV file system accessed through WINSCP on my Windows)

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You have a couple options. The ROV can be directly connected to a router and you can forward the ports you need through the firewall of the router. Ports 80,8080,8091. May need a few more but that is what I recall.


Not built in but there is this thread showing what needs to be done. Hacking in raw IMU accelleration and mag values


Thank you badevguru.
After changing the code to get the appropriate values in the OPenROVController.js, where am I supposed to see the navdata being updated (on the cockpit)?

Plus, can I make my standaloneOPenROV development system (for testing purpose) to update the IMU values using the BBB paired with an Arduino Atmega 2560 and an IMU in the following manner:

BBB<—UART1, SPI, I2C—>Ardruino 2560<—I2C—>IMU unit

Can I easily uplaod the firmware from cockpit on the arduino board through the above setup?


I found another guide here that tells how to make the IMU data visible on the cockpit (step 8-11) by doing an SSH into the OPenROV system and modifying the AConfig.h file. But the guide states it for ROV v2.6 and below. Is it doable if I carry out the exact instructions on a flash image for v2.7 downloadable from here?


Correct. Enable the IMU module in the AConfig.h file.