Newbie asking help to modify OpenRov



Hi we’re a bunch of young students from Korea starting ROV studies.
We completed hardware process and did some simple underwater experiments via OpenRov, and it was sucessful.
However, we are not satisfied. we want to modulate some codes and attach some interesting gadgets to make our ROV to function at certain purposes.

Here’s the question
In order to change the code, which direction would be easy and efficient for newbies (like us)?

1.change the C-based codes via Cloud9 IDE
2.change the codes through Linux terminal program

or is there any other methods? which would be safe and efficient way?

In addition, we have a little C,C++ code experience and done several arduino-based control, both level of introductory guidebook. it gets worse… we have pitiful knowledge on Linux.

We are enthusiastic and hardworking students in different field, and ready to study whatever nessesary.

We thank you in advance for your patience on reading this poor english writting, and for your considerate and kind helps. and I believe we might represent all the code-poor fellows who want to do more awsome things but scared to try or those who hesitate purchasing OpenRov for additional research, and modification because of code-unfriendliness.
What we need is your small advice about where to start, and which direction to study.

                                                                                                                                                   multiple thanks.. Joon

P.S. We have trouble when beaglebone connected with Display Monitor. When it boots, the screen asks ID and Password and we are aware that ID is rov and Password OpenROV, but we just cannot type in the password through keyboard, it doesnt respond at that specific moment. thank you.


The password is hidden and will not show up on the screen. Just continue typing and press “enter” on your keyboard and you should be able to get in.


thank you, that was a big help!