New wireless tether management system


We wanted to improved our current tether management system and eventually we messed up. While trying to stabilize the mounting of the tether roll we poured some epoxy into the bearing which ruined the slip ring adapter too. We will take it positively as a good starting point for a new concept :slight_smile: We will now use a wireless connection from the rotating wheel to the computer. These are the key points of the new concept:

  • The rotating wheel will feature the top box, the TP-Link TL-WR802N WLAN Nano Router (recommended by @areweir in this thread), a power supply for both devices.
  • A motor from a remote car is used to roll back the tether onto the wheel. It has still its rubber wheels from the car attached and will run on the outside of the wheel. 6 AA batteries will be used to power the motor.
  • A aluminium bar will hold the bearings and the tether wheel and connects to the mounting.
  • A stable aluminium mounting made of standard minitec (or so) profiles holds the wheel and the drive train. It will feature an adapter for soft grounds (usually found at lakes) and an adapter for solid grounds (bridge etc.)

During operation the ROV can automatically pull fresh tether from the wheel and after a dive the motor will be turned on and rewinds the tether. The wireless connections allows for flexible computer positioning and the use of other mobile devices.

I will post some updates of the built later. Feel free to share any ideas and comments :slight_smile:


Cool! I used that same idea in my rov build, except I used a PVC frame to hold the tether spool. It worked pretty well, except the wireless router really sucked up the power. Good luck!