New Video! (And a big THANK YOU!)


Eric sent me this note in the middle of the night:

I just re-watched the new video and this time I really saw how amazing it is to have so many friends doing this with us. We're doing things that haven't been tried before, and they're all behind it. It's easy to overlook while there are so many technical objectives and various social dynamics during a deployment, but we've mustered up a group of people who really care about this vision. All these great people are along for the ride, and I've never felt so thankful to have friends like that.

He's absolutely right. It caused me to think back to the long days and nights when it was just Eric and me tinkering in the garage, and to all the great new friends we've met along the journey. We've come a long way. Emphasis on the we - this has really been a community effort. Thank you all. Here's the main thing I've learned:

Passionate Group of Friends + Capable, Low-Cost Exploration Tools = Adventure

We've always maintained that OpenROV exists to maximize "Return on Adventure" - for us and for everyone who contributes to the community. That's why we're excited about OpenExplorer. We think it can amplify the connections and collaborations. If you haven't checked it out yet, please let us know what you think:

Without further delay, here's the new video:


That video nearly brought tears to my eyes. It is the perfect video for OpenROV that really encompasses the fundamentals parts of community, exploration and inspiration into an awesome video. Good Job OpenROV!


Great video!