New Ubuntu image


It took some time, but finally we have a new OpenROV image!

Get the image here:

Beside the current OpenROV Cockpit, the following changes are included:
  • SD Card can be used in different BB (fixes issue #12)
  • Image works for BBB (fixes issue #15)
  • Network issues with static IP solved (fixes issue #11)
  • Personalised autorun image and device name (when you put the sd card in your computer or connect the BB via USB)
  • When connected via USB: START.htm on the disk drive redirects to the cockpit
  • Ubuntu Saucy Salamander based on demo image ubuntu-saucy-console-armhf-2013-07-22.tar.xz
  • NodeJS 0.10.17
  • dtc (device tree compiler)
  • avrdude with linux SPI programmer (fixes issue #16)

Note that under Windows you should use the latest Win32DiskImager version should be used. There is no requirement to do anything with the SD card before you apply the new image.

More instructions can be found here:

Have fun!


Hey Dominik,
These are great news! I just wondered if the new image also addresses this issue:


Hi Stefan,

No, it does not yet address this issue.
I'm looking right now in recompiling the kernel.

- Dominik


Great updates.



Does the cape need to be updated to work with the new image?





Thanks Dominik,

I tried this image last evening (used linux system to populate SD card) and it seemed to work (didn't have time for much testing). I did notice though that the BB did not get an IP address from DHCP as with previous images. I have the BB connected to a router. Only the statically configured IP address was there (




I'll have a look. It should get the address via dhcp, but I couldn't try it so far.




I got the sources for the bone kernel and compiled them myself.

With the default configuration for the BB comes with that option pre-set.

I can't test it with a webcam right now. If you can test it, I uploaded the zImage here:

unpack it and put it onto the boot partition (renaming the existing zImage for safty).
FYI: you need the new image for this to work!




Jim, I only quickly checked the config.

It looks right. can't test it right now.

- Dominik


Hey Dominik, thanks for compiling the new kernel! Unfortunately, I’m on vacation at the moment and can’t test it before I’m back in two weeks. I’m really curios about the result!


Hello everyone, I have this image written on a BeagleBone Black and am trying to run it connected to my computer from a USB 2.0 amplifier. I've got the microUSB connected to the amplifier, and the amplifier connected to my computer. I can access all of the files on the BBB but when I open the cockpit "START" link in my GoogleChrome/Firefox browser, it says that there is no video detected. Any ideas? Thanks so much. I've attached a picture of my setup.