New to Trident and Android - Troubleshooting unresponsive touch screen on new JXD controller

I’m a brand new Trident operator and also new to Android devices. The touchscreen on my JXD S192K controller became unresponsive today while downloading videos from a dive onto an SD card. I rebooted the controller a couple of times (including the power + volume up technique found via googling the problem) but still no touch capability. Joysticks and buttons work fine, and I can even launch the Trident app, but without touchscreen I don’t think I can access all pilot functions. The controller has not been exposed to water, extreme conditions, or anything unusual. The entire system (ROV, controller, topside, tether) is 2 months old, and today was its second dive.

(1) Have I overlooked a simple solution to an unresponsive touchscreen on an Android device (e.g., some setting that deactivates/reactives touchscreen)?
(2) Should I try a factory reset, and if I do, will I need to re-install the Sofar Trident app? (Note - the controller came with the app pre-installed shows a Sofar splash screen on startup.)
(3) Other suggestions?



Hi Ryan,
It wasn’t clear to me whether your touchscreen is working on the JXD in general and just failing on the Trident app. If so, I suggest you try deleting and then re-installing the Trident app as found in your Android Playstore. To re-initiallize the app, you may need to follow some simple instructions found in your Trident startup manual.
If this doesn’t work, suggest you email or call Sofar Tech Support. They are usually quite responsive, and your kit is still under full warranty.
Best, Howard

Hi Howard,
I will follow your suggestion and contact Sofar tech support. (To be clear, the JXD has lost all touchscreen functionality, not just in the Trident app).
Thanks for the advice!

Hey Ryan,
Did SoFar tech support come back with a resolution for you?
Best, Howard P.

Thanks for following up, Howard! No resolution yet, just an email acknowledging that they received my support request and are looking into it. I hope to post updates once things move further along.


Reporting back on this issue - Sofar replaced my Android controller at no charge. I only recently received the replacement and have not yet gone for a dive. However, the new controller appears to be working fine.