New to OpenROV // Question on Cloud9 connection to Beaglebone // to edit Arduino files



I am completely new to the OpenROV project, but I am excited. it opens immense possibilities... I did not purchase the complete kit, only the OpenROV controller board (to arrive on monday) as I will want to integrate the OpenROV brain into a professional deep-sea ROV i was fortunate to come across. (with fried electronics but a whole lump of cool titanium...)

This weekend I was playing around with my beaglebone and Ubuntu 14. (i am new to both...)... but I am making progress....

what works good so far:

downloading OpenROV beaglebone image -> SD card -> flasch the eMMC on the beaglebone -> open the OpenROV cockpit via Chrome -> start the Cloud9....

and here is where the problem begins:

In the cloud9 environment in my Chrome browser on the Ubuntu I can open the Arduino folder and see all the files. I can double click the AConfig.h file and it appears on the right, but I see no text (i think I have no code editor or something).

(When I do the same and have the beaglebone plugged into my Apple OSX, I see the whole code and can edit and save....)

What am I doing wrong?? What am I missing?? When I go to the Cloud9 VIEW tab and go to EDITORS I see Image Viewer & Code Editor, but both in light gray. (On my OSX machine I have Code Editor in white with a little ball in front of it and there all works...)

Guess from the question you can see that the last time I was playing with Linux was in my university times and they already go some time back. Pls consider me being a software novice when answering.

Appreciate any help and looking forward to a great project for the winter. :-)

Greetings Carsten


Hey Carsten,

I had same problem ! before I could edit the text easily but one day suddenly the text was not appearing ! I just burned new image to the beaglebone and everything is fine now ! but it is really weird why ti happens ! I

Can somebody tell us why ?

Thank you


Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the bug report. Not sure what is going on with that. I am using OSX as well. The only issue I was aware of regarding Cloud9 was that it sometimes fails to find your session when starting up giving a warning message. Things appear to kind of work, but they don’t really when that happens. You have to refresh the page until that warning message no longer pops up.


Hi! I have the same problem with chrome and windows 8.1. But work perfectly with firefox