New ROV Cockpit software released


Version 2.5.1 of the ROV software has been released.

If you have a 2.7 ROV or have been running the 2.5.1 release candidates, there are instructions in the release notes on upgrading using the built in software update feature.

For everyone else, the downloads can be found at the bottom of the 2.7 product page.


What i dont understand is that under branch master it lists 2.5.2-master.37.9ba797c. Am i right that this is another new milestone or is that like the unstable branch?


Do you know when you will have a version to run on the older based capes


Hey Nils,

Turns out we have an issue with the built in update that is being worked on right now. Clearly it's pulling packages in development when it should be only pulling stable. Tracking at