NEW PRODUCT - Waterproof Heat Shrink


Often times it is difficult to create a waterproof electrical connection that will survive underwater. Traditional methods include potting, which takes a long time to set, or using underwater connectors, which can be expensive. Through much lab and field testing we have found that connections can be done in a short amount of time and in a cheap way using adhesive lined heat shrink.

At the request of our community we have decided to sell it on our store because we know it can be difficult to find. Shout-out to @Kevin_K for the great idea!

We are selling packs of 5x 6in pieces. This brings the total length to 30 in [76 cm], enough to complete an entire OpenROV which has 21 external solder joints. We have added it as a replacement part as well as an experimental product for people who need to to attach their own components, hack the design, or are designing custom ROVs.

We have also written some handy instructions on how to use this product.


Haha thanks @Brian_Grau! I think I’m the worst offender, but this stuff is impossible to get in smaller quantities. Thanks for making it available!