New Pressure Testing Chamber in the Lab


I was emailed this photo last night after Eric and Colin finished building their new pressure testing chamber. I also watched Colin's twitter feed light up with news from the tests. I came in early this morning to find many objects that had seemingly been "put to the test."

Have something you want tested to 300 psi? Send it in!

We're thinking about starting a new Youtube channel: "But will it implode?"

Colin is going to post a more technical write up.


I would be awesome to send in things to test. Where would i send it too?


But will it implode?


300 PSI *calculate* 21 Bar ... I need a longer Cable ;)


Nice hydrostatic testing chamber.


From the hydrostatic chamber blog, I can tell from the photos, it looks like you guys are using 1/4" steel plates, and 1/4 acrylic tube, single O-ringed ends. Is this correct? Whats the max pressure you can put into the tube? I'm thinking about doubling the size but only need about 500m or 745 psi.


is it a 1/4 inch dia tube ?? are test plugs needed to prevent leaks ?? is a part of the steel plate inside the cylinder to place the o ring???


I would like to know what are the specification for the pressure chamber used??