New Paralenz camera a good companion for Trident?



Hi! I’m new to the forum, and this is my first post. Like all soon to be Trident owners, I’m busy trying to gather together all the extras I’ll need so I’m ready to go once it arrives. And although I’ve been really impressed with the examples of the on-board camera, I still plan on adding a secondary camera that can record during the dive and saves the data to a card I can access afterwards. The problem was finding one that could live up to the promise of the Trident, with it’s 100 meter depth range. I’ve come across one that I think is a really good match called Paralenz. I’ll leave a link in the post to their website, but some of the highlights are that it’s rated to 200 meters, has depth controlled auto white balance (no green cast), and shoots in 4K. It can be controlled via wifi, and has a very streamlined profile as well. It’s currently being offered through an Indigogo campaign, and shipping is expected to start January 2017. I’ve got one on order, so I’ve already committed myself, but I’d love to hear other’s feedback on the camera. Here’s the link to their website if anyone’s interested:

As a disclaimer, I’m not involved in any way with the Paralenz company or campaign (other than having bought one). Just wanted to share this with the OpenROV community and find out what others think.
Alan A.