New OpenROVer



I had the opportunity to work on the refloating of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy this summer.I was working with the ballast control system team. Had morning coffee with some of the dive masters and asked about the ROVs they were using. They used VideoRAYs at $40k to $90k a piece. Every diver had a VideoRAY following them. And the VideoRAYs were used to inspect cables, chains and even measure drafts of the bottom of the sponsons when our sensors were in question. The video these things captured were streamed to the control room where I worked. Quite impressive. Knowing I could never justify buying one, I found the OpenROV. Building my first one, in progress. Would like to contribute what I can. I have a degree in Naval Architecture and would like to help with propeller designs. I also am interested in using a OpenROV for lionfish hunting.

Looking forward to interacting with the community and sharing thoughts and ideas.


Hello "Master of Dissaster":

Wellcome. as I told you on the other post, happy to have you here.



Glad to have you here! Looking forward to following along with your build and adventures!