New OpenROV kits beyond Trident?


Hello everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster here – I’ve been trying to decide if I should get the 2.8 kit or wait for the Trident. I have zero experience with builds like this, so the out-of-the-box Trident is appealing, but on the other hand the ability to modify and add components seem a lot more limited.

When researching these forums a bit, I wasn’t able to find any information on the future plans for the DIY kits. Is the OpenROV team planning to keep developing these beyond Trident?

Completely unrelated, I was also wondering if this Spanish store ( is an official partner of yours and if anyone have experience ordering from them?


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Hey Christian,

Glad to field this question.

This is really a tough call. I would definitely say get both if you can :slightly_smiling: but I understand that for most people that choice isn’t always an option. I can help guide you (and hopefully others) in this.

First I will talk about the 2.8 and the assembly. The 2.8 kit does require some tools and a little patience but the build is really fun and you will learn a lot. The instructions here can give you an idea of what you are in for. The 2.8 and instruction set are based on a few years of development and tons of feedback and most people regardless of experience level can do it. I also manage the technical support team and I can safely say that we will back you up 100% of the way. Need some clarification? We’re on it. Screw something up? A new one’s in the mail…it’s their goal to make sure these ROVs get in the water.

Okay, so the build isn’t that bad…but should you wait for Trident? Good question.

Let’s start with timing. Trident won’t be ready for a while. Our Kickstarter has a November target that we are working towards as I write this. So if you need the capability right now, go with the 2.8.

Second, what about building and hacking your way to success? Trident will also feature the ability to add and/or modify the software and hardware–we’re obsessed with giving the community the option to make their own tools. To what extent and how soon some of these things are ready on Trident is still TBD, so if you have a strong need to get add-on’s and hacks ready and working right away I think the 2.8 might be a better bet. The 2.8 has wires already outside the electronics tube for i2c, PWM, and servo channel. Also, this forum is full of folks who have already done their own mods and hacks.

What about performance? The 2.8 is designed as an observation-class mini-ROV and as such performs really well in tight spaces with little current it has a moving camera platform to look up and down. The Trident on the other hand is much more suited for running search patterns and covering more area quickly. It will be fast, agile, and able to track in straight lines. Simply put, if you are interested in looking for something go with Trident, if you are interested in looking at something 2.8 may be a better option.

Finally, if all above are good to know but don’t really change your mind, you’re probably left with one question: Is Trident going to be much better and therefore worth the wait? All other things above equal, yes, the Trident will be the best low-cost underwater exploration tool ever developed. You can pre-order it here.

To your unrelated question about the Spanish store: yes, they are an Authorized OpenROV Reseller and are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable folks.

In closing, If you or anybody else has any questions about this, post here and we can help clarify as best we can. But still…two is always better than one :slight_smile: .

Some information about (tienda.openrov)

Thank you Zack!
That was an incredibly comprehensive and helpful answer. It will definitely make it easier to decide which option to go with - leaning towards a 2.8 build at the moment.

On thing you didn’t really touch upon though, is whether the team plans to continue developing new iterations of the OpenROV kit beyond the Trident. I would be interested to know if we will se further updates and continued refinement of the kit (3.0, 3.1…), or if focus will shift to out-of-the-box models like the trident.

Thanks again!



Thanks for all these informations ! I am also hesitating …

One more question : before starting to dive and after diving, there are several maintenance operations to perform. Will they be the same for the Trident ? Or is the Trident more “closed” and needs just a clear water shower after use ?



Yes. We do plan on continuing development on the 2 series ROV beyond Trident. There’s a huge amount of cool stuff that’s being developed for Trident that will make it’s way into the kits as upgrades and add-on’s. Stay tuned!


Marco, yeah the Trident looks like it will be minimal maintenance. Still too early to tell what the protocol will be but our goal keep it as simple as rinsing with fresh water after a dive.


Exactly the answer I was hoping for, thanks Zack!


Thanks a lot ! I appreciate your clear answers without the usual commercial wrapping !

You are really a nice team !



A bit off topic: As i have missed the initial trident kick off, i am not a supporter on kickstarter (yet). I am however still interested in the latest news. Is there any chance that we can get access to those updates published on kickstarted?


I just placed my order for the Trident. Difficult decision as both options are interesting …

Now I have to be patient !


Quick question, if the adventure case for Trident is purchased with the 100m tether, will the Trident, wifi bouy, and both tethers (100, 25) fit and be packed in the case? Will it be a pelican type case?