New OpenROV 2.5 image: Beta 2


We have quite a busy time right now! A lot of things are being added to the OpenROV software side.

We've just released Beta-2 of the OpenROV v2.5 image.

This version brings a few new bits and pieces to make development on the software a lot easier for us who develop mainly on the project and for you who want to get involved!

Highlights are:

- Cloud9 IDE

- Network share to access the OpenROV files

- Self expanding root partition - expands to the available free space on the SD card

- Ubuntu/debian package based installation - will make updates of different parts a lot easier in future

Get it here:


Is there an active work group tackling issues and updates to the software? I'd like to start contributing but not sure where to start. More importantly, I'd like to start developing plun-n-play science payloads into the existing framework. However, I first want to get my feet wet by tacking on a bug fix or add-on to familiarize myself with the code guidelines and how you cats go about it.


Found the list on github,


Will try ASAP !

Is compass & depth sensor calibration bug corrected ?


I also upgraded to 2.5-05 - After some trouble i got everything to work. Except the servo does not move even though the regulation is shown in the cockpit.

Do you know what might be the problem?

Also the IMU depth seems to not work. However, i did not really tinker with it up to now.



After loaded the image It seem’s to work fine. Cloud9 work’s well and that’s a very user friendly interface.
Same as Tobias, my IMU is not working properly, Pitch and Roll is ok but Heading is moving only few degrees (1 or 2º when rotating the rov 90 º. Also depth sensor is going to -50m when runing props backward and +50m when runing forward. Any idears about IMU settings ?
Also depth calibration and compass calibration have no effects on my system.



On what pin group is your servo connected, at one point there was a change from pingroup 4 to 6 (the farthest away from the ESC pins).

Give that a try!



Hey Dominik,

thanks for answering, the servo is connected to pingroup 6. Before i uploaded the new image it was working. However in the A Position (straight forward) it was jittering.

is there a way to measure if the command is going through to the servo?


Hi Dominik,

I Did my first wet-test yesturday and everythings went fine except for the IMU sensor. On the info bar on the right of the Cockpit, infos about depth, HDG, and motion sensor are OK, just the Overlay in not taking the correct value (Roll instead of heading, ect…). How Can I change the data source for the overlay ?

Also, my Camera is Lagging a lot, I’ve checked voltage on both battery (12.1v), and cleanned USB connector. I’am preparing a stabilized power supply for the cammera as I suspect a power issue. Anyone have another Idear ?