New on the Wiki - Assembling the Electronics on the E-Chassis


I've just added more videos of the assembly process for attaching the webcam, beaglebone, and esc's to the the acrylic e-chassis. Please let us know if any part of the process is unclear and how it could be better explained. It's a team effort!


I cannot understand which kind of molex connector you are using.

From the video it looks like it's a 18 pin connector, but I cannot find any molex connector with 18 pins.

Usually the ATX connectors inside computers are either 20 or 24 pins.

Do you have a link or a part number for the plug and sockets?

Thank you


We got them from Mouser...

Male ->

Female ->


Do you also have the link for the pins that goes inside the connector?


Male -
Female -


Thank you.
It looks like the have a branch in Belgium, too.
I’ll order from there