New IMU problems


Hi Folks,

So my old IMU pre-July died, long story it took a beating and didn’t come out well. I have replaced it with the new IMU and in the instructions it says to update the software to 30.2. Unfortunately I didn’t find this out until I went to install it.
I really need to stick with 30.0 because the strafing upgrades to the software that my South Polar buddy Adam did are in 30.0. If I reload the 30.0, will it work like the old IMU?? Just thought I would ask the question before I go through all the effort.


Any help appreciated,



The new IMU requires drivers that are only in the 30.0.3 release. I’m just added in the v-trans configuration, since I’m in the code we can port the side thruster code in about 30 minutes. I’ll post back when I get that done.


Thanks for that, really appreciated!



How did it go with the code?




Sorry for the super long delay. What are the pins did you use for the side thrusters and do you have them both pointing out to the port and starboard side?


I used the last 3 pins, can’t recall the numbers off hand. I only used a
single thruster facing cross beam…port/starboard.