New IMU or not?



Dear OpenROVers

I have an openrov 2.7 and I’m having the problem that as soon as i put my rov into the water (not sea water), the imu freezes and i loose the compass and heading functionality. the depth sensor works.
I’m quite sure I have the IMU Version 1, not the new version sold on the store right now.

So my question is:
Can I solve my problems by upgrading the software/firmware from the ROV or do I need to buy the new IMU Version 2 to (hopefully) get everything to work? I still have the software/firmware shipped with the openrov 2.7 installed. never did any update until now.

thank you for your help!


Hi Patrick,
I would recommend updating the software before you replace the IMU. (latest is 30.0.3)

If you still have problems then try contacting support.

I have a 2.7 and I’ve replaced my IMU with the new version (I broke the pressure sensor)
The new IMU does perform better and is a worthwhile upgrade IMO.


Hey Brendan

Thank you for your answer!
I updated my ROV to 30.0.3, the update procedure worked. I hope i can test it in the water in the next few days…
If the IMU does not work properly, I will upgrade to IMU2.

Thank you


Hi Patrick,

No worries, I’m glad I could help. I would definitely contact support if your IMU doesn’t work in the water. There might be a known cause of the fault that they can help you to fix. They sometimes send free replacement parts or can provide you with a discount on buying new parts. I’ve had support replace a faulty motor for free and they upgraded my leaking 2.7 battery tubes to 2.8 for a fraction of the cost of new ones.


Hi Patrick, and what happened ? I’ve got the same problem. Have you upgraded to IMU 2 ? Have you been able to fix compass function on IMU 1 ?