New IMU not working


Installed a new IMU and can’t seem to get it to work. At the same time I had to upgrade to v30.3.0 Here’s what the I am looking at on the side bar. I have checked voltage. Ideas?



Can you post a screenshot of the sidebar with the BNO status messages? Might give me some more information to figure out what could be wrong. You can ignore the “failed to init on both addresses” message as leftover cruft.


Thanks for the reply Charles, really appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I am a bit out of my element on the programming side. Hopefully this is what you are looking for. I tried to print screen but can’t get that to work.

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Unfortunately, when the depth sensor is working and the IMU fails to initialize, it seems like it has been always been a hardware failure with the board itself. One thing you can try is to follow the directions for the test I lay out in this post:

In that user’s case, we found that it was a hardware issue and that the IMU board needed replacing. Be sure to put a ticket in with support to make sure they can assist you, should you find that my tests fail for your board as well.


Well considering I only have only the port side lights working and just disconnected the power from the IMU and jumoered it as you suggested looks like I have the same problem. Too bad I went and purchased a new IMU to replace the one I thought was dead. I’ll put a ticket in with support.

Any chance you can help me get my strafe thruster working with v30.3.0? Adam Christiensen did some fancy programming and made a mod to work with 30.0.0 but now that I am running the new IMU…looks like I will need to run v30.3.0…badguru said he would get to it but it’s been awhile, figured he was busy.

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