New here - and on our way to build a rov

I’ve been doing some filming of tunnels in my area and have raised the interest of my friends. Now we are brainstorming how to build a rover that can navigate the under ground rivers and send back videos.

We already threw a $3 camera in a jar on some fishing line, but the underground waterfall ate it.

Hopefully I can pick up some tips from here :slight_smile:

We need more information. Caves? Concrete drainage tunnels? Completely flooded or just partially? Underground waterfall sounds like a stream pouring over a dropoff…it would be hard to build anything to navigate that.

Budget? Partially flooded underground tunnels or caverns …Could…be navigated by a submersible quadcopter…someone online made one that ‘flies’ underwater, then surfaces and flies in the air.

Or you could put an FM transmitter in the jar with the camera and if it comes back out somewhere, go find and recover it.
Baofeng handheld radios are available online for $45 or so. Stick an empty Pringles can over the antenna for a directional mod so you can locate the jar.