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Hi all,
Love the openROV idea, this is really terrific. I work with MPA managers in the Caribbean and have been spending time helping develop plans to keep invasive lionfish at bay. It’s a problem throughout the region but in the tiny protected areas I work with we’re doing a good job keeping the invasion at bay and protecting natural reef fish diversity. We’re looking for a way to monitor and eliminate lionfish in 100-300’ and have been kicking around ideas about an ROV. Has this ever come up before? This seems like an affordable realistic tool that we could use throughout the region. Would love to find out how I can get my hands on one!


Welcome Jake!

We've talked about it on a few different threads. Perhaps the most exciting potential for the ROV is when we really start to take advantage of computer vision. Programs like OpenCV could help identify lionfish, especially because of their unique features.

Lionfish aren't that quick as I recall. Perhaps you could build a spear gun onto the payload portion of the ROV to take them out. I know they are highly coveted culinary treats, so a speargun could be useful for retrieval.


Very cool, reading up on how i can get started now. will purchasing an OpenROV assembled be possible any time soon? I’m the most un-mechanically inclined person I know!


Just kits for the time being.

Sounds like you'd want a pretty customized unit, anyways. Maybe find someone to team up with to create the lionfish-hunting ROV.