New forum software coming soon


Upgrading the forum software has been an ongoing discussion for over a year. We have finally settled on Discourse as the forum software of choice. It successfully runs the forums on many popular sites:

Some of the features we are really excited by include:

  • first class mobile experience
  • optional ability to interact like a traditional list server, email with full posts and ability to respond via email
  • lots of optimizations to make reading and editing simple
  • very engaged development community always adding and improving features
  • all of the features like pinned posts, badges, etc... that you expect now days
  • lots of ways for you to choose to get notifications
  • focus on encouraging long, opinionated and flourishing discussions

We are in the process of moving right now. We want to make sure we migrate all of the existing content on the existing forums as we do this. I expect we should be ready to cut over by the end of January.


Awesome!!!! About time :D I eagerly await an easier way to have discussions. Thanks for making it happen, maybe I'll become more active on the forums again :P