New E-Chasis Demo


We've been talking a lot about the OpenROV Version 2.5 Kit that will be shipping in September. Here's a video of the new e-chasis and the rotation it will have inside the acrylic tube. I'll post more videos of the Version 2.5 features as they come together.

You canpre-order a Version 2.5 kit here. (We also have Version 2.4 ready to ship if you just can't wait until September.)





How wide is the chassis, will it work with the two O-Ring Variant, to retrofit older versions?


I'm designing for a 162mm width right now which is just enough to fit between two single o-ring end caps. I may take that down to 160 or possibly even 156 depending on some other design considerations I'm weighing right now, but even with the more narrow dimensions it wouldn't fit in a tube with two double o-ring configured end caps.



Will the new e-chasis be available for older versions? I have ser. #315. and have gotten the camera tilt working by using Hi flex wire between the potted wires and the molex connector. I have also flat black painted the light shield between the camera lens and the lights. I have also flat black painted a 5/8" wide strip on the inside of the tube over the shields. This greatly reduces the reflections of the lights in the FOV of the camera. The strip does not block the lights or get into the FOV of the camera.