New Development image ready


For those of you who have been blocked on keeping up with the latest development code, the new pre-compiled image is ready here:

For the last week, I have been busy troubleshooting small issues resulting from re-arranging our source code repository in to multiple projects. You can find more information about how they have been re-organized here. As a result, typical techniques that were used in the past to download the latest development version of code has not been working.

Once you setup this image, you can refresh the code to the latest version through either of the following techniques:

1) SSH in to the rov, go to the project that you want to update and type

git fetch origin master 
git reset --hard origin/master

2) Download the .deb file for the project from our build server and use the dashboard to upload the new file. More on this soon.




Thanks for the daily image updates! I really like seeing all the little changes to the code that go in each day, being able to install a new image, and seeing the changes in the UI each time. Please keep uploading them as I am an avid follower!



Thanks Kevin,

Good to know who is following along!