New Developer Image ready with 30.1.0



I have just uploaded a major revision for the image file.

File any bug or issues in github.

The Dev Image is intended to run from the SD card. There are several sets of instructions for burning the .img file to a SD card. You can find tips and help for burning image files to the SD card here:

##Changes noted below:

  • Moved to Node 4.4.0
  • Latest Kernel Version
  • Cockpit process moves to express 4.x
  • Lots of little fixes in the dev image
  • New UI for cockpit set by default
  • Proxy Services working on startup
  • Updated all code bases as of 2016-2-9


  • We are now back on the beagle bone maintained root image for debian
  • Boot time is down around 30 seconds
  • Latest Cloud9 IDE is installed
  • Added web enabled git manager ungit.
  • Web based SSH, no more need for putty
  • ROV now assigns an IP address to the laptop unless the laptop or router already have a DHCP server. You no longer need to set a static IP address on the laptop.
  • Software is again backed with functioning github references. You can use git commands to save or revert changes made.
  • Some services now reverse proxied through nginx. This ultimately allows accessing services like the cameras all from the same security domain to avoid browser security issues. Note updated urls below.
  • mDNS enabled. You can now refer to the rov using openrov.local instead of needing to know the ip-address of the rov. If you are using windows prior with windows 10, you will need bonjour installed to use this feature. It comes with iTunes but you can install just bonjour if you want.
  • Image is using the latest master branches of code including the features from 30.1.0 in development.

To load cockpit: http://openrov.local/cockpit
To load dashboad: http://openrov.local/dashboard
To load cloud9: http://openrov.local:3131
To load ungit: http://openrov.local:8448
To ssh: http://openrov.local/wetty
To access the camera mjpeg stream directly: http://openrov.local/cockpit/camera1

The web ssh tool, wetty, uses Shift-Ctr-V for paste on windows, and standard Crt-C for copy. OS X uses its standard keys.

Known Errants:

Work around to re-enable nginx on startup:

sed -i 's/# Required-Start:    $local_fs $remote_fs $network $syslog $named/# Required-Start:    $local_fs $remote_fs $network $syslog $named $prepare-dirs/g' /etc/init.d/nginx
update-rc.d nginx defaults

[PLUGIN][WIP] Oculus-Rift

Nice, this is amazing!


Hey everyone, be sure to let me know your experience. The current master branch has a lot of bugs in it right now. Trying to get those cleaned up. I am hoping the feature mentioned above work for everyone.

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Added a link to the git hub issues list of dev-image related issues:


New version of the dev image released:

  • Moved to Node 4.4.0
  • Latest Kernel Version
  • Cockpit process moves to express 4.x
  • Lots of little fixes in the dev image:


Web based SSH is a truly awesome feature. I love the new cockpit too. I have no camera feed but that issue already has a pull request on github.


Thanks for the feedback. I just placed a couple updates in master that should resolve the camera not coming up. Will be testing to make sure it really fixes it later this morning :-).


Really looking forward to this, how close is release?


From talking to @Brian_Grau the new image is progressing well, with work mainly focusing on bug identification and removal at the moment. Once the image is close a release candidate will be posted, and tested both internally and by the community. They have been using the dev image during testing at Tahoe, so I hope it’s not too far away…


Thanks very much for the info, I hope it is soon. Tried the dev image and it’s non-functional here on Win10/Chrome…


Looking forward to install The new SW on my 2.8 with the Original camera. When do you think a Release candidate will be available?



Hopefully soon. Most of the feature work for the release is done, we’re just hammering on performance and stability at the moment. I am hoping for us to finish up the major performance line-items and start QA this week, and then proceed with minor tweaks and final QA testing next week.


Dev Image 31.0.0 beta has been released. Closing this topic:

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