New crazy powerful dev board w/parallel compute - Nvidia Jetson TK1 Dev Board

Came across this Dev board from Nvidia which is going to drop soon!
Jetson Tk1 embedded dev kit
It has a Tegra K1, so it not only has a quad core ARM-A15 running at 2.3 GHZ w/ 2GB of ram, it also has Kepler GPU with 192 cuda cores!! (a Macbook pro retina GT650m only has 384 CUDA cores)
If we want to do any sort of real-time CV and autonomy, this the board to do it :D
It looks like they're running ubuntu 12.04 on it as well, which should make it pretty easy to port our current Cockpit and ROS to it.
Best of all, it only costs $192. Keep in mind, this thing has the compute power of a full on graphics card, with one of the Beefiest ARM processors available. For comparison, just a graphics card w/ 192 CUDA cores (the Quadro K600) costs $160. This is a beast of a board for the price.
oh yeah, its supposed to draw 5W under normal load, and < 10W
Here a link to all the detailed specs, schematics, and CAD models - link
Its 5"x5", so it won't fit into the current ROV e-tube, but we can figure out some way to cram it into a chassis (liquid/granule compensation).
I was worried about the Current ROV not being able to handle overhead of running ROS + OpenCV, but with this... the possibilities are endless!!!


This is very exciting. Throw MOOS IVP and a few more sensors on it and bahm, an OpenAUV...which I have started to design :)