New Build first time, Fustrations


Help>>>> I cant get back on
Just got the build done, linked into with chrome got everything adjusted and started to look into connecting a game controller, went to lunch now cant get back on 192 ?? I thought you could control this rov from a stand alone lap top… Do I need internet access to operatee this rov? I am under the gun for time I have an internal tank inspection and need this rov up and running.



You don’t need internet access, but you do need to establish a local network and ethernet connection.

Here 's a link to a recent troubleshooting guide. Suggest you run through this, and if it diesn’t solve your problem, post back with more system and problem specifics.

Good luck.


Hey @lcapistran, did you get the connectivity fixed?


Yes all set everything works great just need one laser then all will be good. Everything works great from key board just can’t get game controller to work