New BeableBone Black!


Like always, Matt Richardson is all over it!

Check out his full post on Makezine. Here are some specifics:

  • The processor gets a bump up to 1GHz, compared to the original’s 720MHz.
  • RAM is doubled to 512MB.
  • The BeagleBone Black can be connected directly to a monitor through the on-board MicroHDMI port.
  • They’ve added 2GB of on-board flash memory, which will be preloaded with the Ångström distribution of Linux. This is in addition to the MicroSD slot, which you can still boot from, if you wish.
  • The software gets a big upgrade, too. The provided Ångström disk image is now on Linux Kernel 3.8. They’ve also made many improvements to BoneScript, their node.js library for physical computing on embedded Linux. This new disk image is will be available for the original BeagleBone as well.

Perhaps best of all, has slashed the price down to a mere $45, pitting it much more competitively against the very popular Raspberry Pi, which currently sold for $35.

Also, if you're new to BealeBone, Matt's book, Getting Started with BeagleBone, is now available for early release in ebook form.


Beable Bone? I guess you were pretty excited as you were typing this :-)

This of course brings up a bunch of questions as to how this fits into the OpenROV-

- Will the wave of kits that are about to ship out have the old BB or the new one?

- Will the OpenROV SW be compatible with both BBs, or are there going to be separate builds?

- If the software is the same, is there an easy way to tweak the video frame rate to take advantage of the additional processing power of the new BB?

Assuming you've thought about most of this already, it would be nice to understand how the new BB fits into the "roadmap" of the evolution of the OpenROV vehicle.



All good questions.

The next batch of kits are being packed and shipped as we speak, so we weren't able to include the new beaglebones with them. The software should be fine. We just got a black, so we can test it today.

The cape is definitely compatible.

You're right, we should update the roadmap. A more general roadmap (or at least a better job articulating/defining it) is something we've needed for a while, this is something to include with that.

After these kits ship, we're shifting the focus to better documentation, which will include that roadmap.