NeverWet product on brushless motor? Video freezes and laser input questions


Hi, I have finished the 2.6 rov a couple of days ago and it works pretty well, but have a few questions. First, has anyone thought about coating the brushless motors with rustoluems NeverWet product to prevent rusting or would this affect the magnet contacts? Also, video feed runs great out of water but when in water for a couple of second it becomes a sporadic feed and only showes a new image every once and awhile. Also, with the lasers where would u plug them in at? Finally, with the depth sensor would only two auxiliary wires work? (forgot to include battery pack wires until after epoxy set)
Thank you, Jon


I used spray film and grease, Motors seem run ok, but in air only at the moment.

You find my trick here


Thanks Saverio for replying, I will try that. Also, do you know if the depth module could work with only two wires?


Hi Jonathan

The IMU runs on the I2C bus which uses 4 conductors, Vcc, Gnd & your Data Bus lines SDL & SDA

so you will need all 4 wires to the IMU.


Thank you David, I suppose the depth gauge can wait since I do not feel like ripping out wires. Any suggestions on hooking up the IMU through another way?


The battery pack are connected in parallel, so maybe you can connect they (gnd to gnd, positive to positive) and use two wire only for supply. Ask for this, because the wiring diagram is not clear. But is possible that one wire is too thin for current, this may be a problem.

The better thing is bore two new holes, pass wires and seal all again, I think.


Hi Again, Saverio does bring up one possibility.

You could get away with connecting the Gnd. to the -Neg of your battery packs leaving only 1 wire needed for Vcc. which is either +5 or 3.3 but I would have to look at the schematics again to tell you which voltage is needed. You could also use a small regulator chip to go from +12V to either 5V or 3.3V getting your power from the Battery Pack outside the Tube and epoxy that in with the IMU, leaving the two potted wires you8 already have for your Bus Lines. Then figure a power off & on solution for the IMU which can be a simple bullet connector on the VCC line.


I was thinly about maybe I could drill out some of one of the needle pressure release then just feed wires through one of those and then epoxy it up. Would the sirnge pressure release work with only one of them?


That should work fine. You only need one vent valve/pressure check port, but the design of the endcaps is symmetrical.

BTW, the FAQ for NeverWet says not to use in on electrical stuff. I don't know why. Any ideas?



i have sprayed never wet on the motors and have used the rov a couple of times. the spray does seem to help with rust prevention but i am not sure about the "never wet".