Netherlands SAR group looking to try a ROV


Hello, I’m chairman of a volunteer K9SAR unit. We locate missing persons amongst others in / underwater. We are looking to learn about the practical uses of a ROV for our unit. Would somebody (semi) local be willing to demonstrate his ROV?


BTW, we’re located just north of Maastricht, so it would be no problem for me to come to parts of Germany, Belgium or even Luxemburg.


Welcome to OpenROV!

I would be happy to demonstrate my ROV to you, I am sure this can be very beneficial for all of us. I live in Brunswick. You might see and check whether this is an option for you.

However, first I would recommend that you share some more details about your planned use? My personal experience is that especially in muddy waters like in small non current lakes oder small rivers the visibility is so bad, that it would be very hard to do scanning applications eg. finding a person underwater. The success of such a mission would be depend on the water visibility. You may therefore also consider additional scanning devices such as a sonar or so.

We can also Skype first and I and share more details and footages of ROV-dives. Let me know what works for you!