Needed Brushless DC outrunner measurements


Hello I'm working on my first OpenROV design and I plan on trying to use the Brushless DC motors called out in the BOM can someone supply me with dimensions for the motor (including the bolt pattern on the base mounting plate)? Also Im interested in prop options I know that the BOM calls out the delta-v five blade EDF but I think that might be a little agressive and eat batteries pretty quick.



The Props we are now using are these which you can order from Cornwall Boats

G2308.65 3 Bladed Propeller RH 65mm M4 1 £3.56 £3.56

G2308.65L 3 Bladed Propeller LH 65mm M4 1 £3.56 £3.56

The Dimensions of the Holes on the Motors we are using are 23mm apart on center


Thanks! I'd been looking for an option for larger model boat props. Has anyone given thought to using thier brass props instead of plastic?


Hey Troy,

We've looked at a few brass props but never considered them too seriously as they tend to be quite expensive by comparison and don't seem to offer many notable performance improvements over plastic props. Of course, all experimentation is always encouraged!


I ordered two of the plastic 3 bladders and a brass 5 blade to use as my vertical thruster.


Just an FYI you should use one of each Plastic Props mentioned above so one goes clockwise and the other anti clockwise. This is so that the ROV does not spin.


Yup that’s what I ordered


From the mentioned motors webpage.


Kv (rpm/v) 800
Weight (g) 53
Max Current (A) 9.5
Resistance (mh) 0
Max Voltage (V) 11
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) -?????????????
Length B (mm) 33
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length D (mm) 16

Total Length E (mm)

Are those 23mm the distance to the mounting screws ??????

Whats the shaft diameter ?



I believe the shaft diam is 3mm and the 23mm is the bolt holes circle with the shaft as center.



Thanks Peter.

Then, with a motor diameter of 28mm, holes are quite close to the mounting base edges ¡¡

OK, thanks once more.

- Ion -