Need to verify hardware is working


I built the 2.6 version, so it originally had firmware in eMMC. I was originally able to connect to the ROV. I verified that all motors worked correctly and could see through the camera and control everything via the cockpit. On my second test dive, I noticed the camera was not working. I took a number of steps to try to fix that but now I cannot connect to the ROV at all. I cannot connect to the cockpit through Chrome, nor can I connect to the ROV using SSH.

It is either a hardware problem or firmware problem. It almost seems like the beaglebone is not getting powered up. Is there a hardware troubleshooting guide that tells me how to check voltages at various points? Are the diagnostic utilities I can run that will light up LEDs or something to tell me what’s working and what isn’t? I want to confirm the beagleboard is working, that the Arduino board is working, that the Ethernet connection works, etc. Help!!


Looks like my Beaglebone Black is dead. When I try to power it via USB cable from my computer, no LEDs on the Beaglebone turn on. According to info on the site, I should see the power LED turn on and one or two of the USB LEDs. Does this sound right? Anybody else have similar problems with the BBB?