Need help identifying this ROV

I’ve a picture below. It’s called a TITAN COMMANDO. Found this at a garage sale. Could not find any info online about it or the manufacturer. Does anyone happen to know more?

Titan rings a bell, several inshore inspection class units. No plate on the unit? My old trade books are in storage so can’t check now but a quick scan on a few well known sites with old kit turned up this info:

One listed here for sale …

Bit about the manufacturer and early model …

Spares request 2013 - nice picture of the console :slight_smile:

And a post asking for details for a restore project … that was 2015

You might get someone from these links who can help with model details, O&M manual etc. I would like to find out now myself - bit of history !

**** Update after a bit of digging …

Newcoast Corporation Pty Ltd
Osborne Park

Newcoast Corporation Pty Ltd manufactures and markets the TITAN range of small, low cost underwater video systems. These include systems for recreational and industrial purposes. Prices start USD4990 - USD48,000.

Titan SII for basic inspection tasks includes high resolution camera, 50 m tether, power pack and control console.

Titan CIII for general inspection systems for operation to 100 metres.

TITAN CX8 for search and rescue, low visibility requirements. Is fitted with forward looking imaging color imaging sonar, slipring winch, video overlay system.
There are Titan ROV’s for many applications. Having a record of reliable operation in all marine conditions they provide dependable submarine observation without the need to have anyone in the water.

Source is this entry on the web archive from 2007.

Was listed in “Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World”, Oilfield Publications Ltd 1996. That is still a bit too recent for me, my main work with inspection class ROV’s was the '80’s. Hope this helps anyway.

Thank you so much. This helps a lot! Going to do some more investigating. I’ll let you know what I find.

No worries @jasen. Good luck with the investigations !