Need help finishing openrov 2.6 kit


I currently have an open rov 2.6 kit that is about 75% complete . I have kind of hit the wall. I am reaching out to see if anyone is interested in being paid to finish the project.

Please let me know if you are interested, happy to send pictures to show where I am in completion.

Thank you



Hello Steve
I am interested to finish your OpenROV.
I have already built 3 OpenROV 1x 2.5 and 2x 2.8
Please contact me at my Email : for more info
I look forward to hear from you



Where are you located? It might help to find somebody local to you, so you can see what they’re doing to finish off the kit. Being familiar with those extra skills might be handy when, in the future, the ROV requires some maintenance.



Thank you Walt . I am in Atlanta GA . I have one person who has offerd to
help with the build , however he is in Germany and shipping all the pices
through customs might be a problem not sure.
Thanks for any help you can offer.