Mysterious Blue Substance on Motors


There is an unidentifiable sort of plastic like blue substance on all three of the ROV’s motors. We recently put a fair amount of rust release WD-40 spray on the motors to hopefully clear up a small amount of corrosion, and fair amount of the OpenROV recommended silicone spray for waterproofing. Has anyone had any problems in past with mysterious blue material resulting from the use of either or both of those?

Said blue substance is visible on the left edge of the motor in the following picture. It doesn’t seem to be inhibiting motion at the moment, but I am concerned that further buildup might cause an obstruction or that this is indicative of some catastrophic failure that will doom the poor ROV next time we put it in the water. Any advice would be appreciated!



I’ve seen that blue substance on a few of our other DST-700 motors. Its nothing to worry about, it is just excess glue that the manufacturer has used to mount the magnets to the motor casing. This hasn’t caused any issues in the past. If your motors aren’t functioning properly please contact our support team:

Nima Torabi
OpenROV Support Engineer


Thanks! Glad it’s not anything fatal to the ROV.