My new ROV design, hope you like


I’m busy putting my new design together and thought I’d share some of the things I’ve come up with.

  1. Get your design laser cut as cnc does not work very well and adds alot to the build time.
  2. I don’t know if anyone has tried this but I’ve got some 1.5mm S/S cable to attach to the tether, this is so I can attach 1 end to the boat and have extra tether on board so there is no chance of dragging the top gear over board, it also means I can drag on the tether without fear of breaking it or pulling the wires loss.
    I’ve added some preliminary photos to this post and will be updating as I go.


This looks like a great design so far! Would you mind sharing some of the features you intend to put on it?


Version 1.1
Thrust forward/reverse , turning, strafing and diving/surfacing.
Tilting camera with 90 deg of movement
Version 1.2
I’m looking to put in a second camera mounted onto a gimbal with 3 axis of rotation
Version 1.3
Will have head tracking for the camera and a grasping appendage.