My First Proper Flight


My first proper experience with the Trident . Well, what a experience . And yes, on many different levels. I have made a number of fishing videos in my time. And adding the experience of using the OpenRov was something I was looking forward to. I have had a little play at the Canel and a Small lake. And to be honest, they where not that cleaver.
First of all, once you get past the promotion Of products, it’s a case of having to deal with real life experiences. Especially gaining the right understanding and knowledge in how to use the Trident to it best of it ability .starting with a IPad type Device . Is a No No.
after initially Finding out to my error. I quickly Ordered the OpenRov controller . What a massive difference in controlling and enjoying the experience.
There are a lot of factors to think about when it comes to getting the best use out of this equipment .
Light levels that effect your viewing experience . Water Quality. And depth of water.
Especially understanding the depth of water your actually flying your Trident in.
I have to also say, I initially Ordered the 25metor tether. And that certainly Ltd my experience. I don’t no weather it was me, but trying to manage a steady shot without the Trident having Pitch Issues.
It would be nice if there was more balance to it flight. Rather the Trident wanting to move upwards. And your having to correct your shot all the time.
I have not had any connection issues with the tether, everything has worked fine on that department. I have Only had update issues. But got past that by ignoring The update. And just continuing with the setting on offer.
As for the footage I manage to take. It was exciting To see a different world to what I normal do.
And I am certainly looking forward to capturing some great footage. But I feel, unless you have the right environment and conditions. It will be a bit frustrating experience for some.
As for the video footage itself. Am not a 100% with it yet. As I have not use another underwater drone before to compare.
Only a go pro for similar footage.
I cannot give a full and proper review, as I feel I need a little more time with this equipment.
I love the look. It’s feels Quality, am just not sure yet about the camera footage on offer. I have order the 100 tether now, just a 5 week wait :grimacing:
I am looking forward to hopefully getting the right venue to get the most out of what i enjoy doing. But I do realise my limitations Of use as a Angler. For anyone who enjoy fishing. Perhaps you might enjoy my latest Adventure .
Look forward to seeing some of you posts Guys. I hope you enjoy my Link. The mystery Of Pascale’s Lake.