My Build powered by OpenROV


Hi all

First off I really enjoyed watching the last conference call and seeing the work that has been done. Great job on the voltage monitoring and the new possibilities of tether connections. I just wanted to show a bit of my build to the team as I have taken a slightly different approach for a few different reasons. The first was because I came across two perfect Stainless steel tubes at my local scrap yard that fit the bill for what I wanted. Second reason was because I wanted to mount a rear web cam so I could view what was going on behind the ROV without turning it around. I have stayed with the Open ROV design for main Electronics and changed a few things such as Motors so that I could have a 5mm shaft to mate with the Duct fans and housings that I will be using. This was in hopes to eliminate the issue of shaft couplings plus the duct housings will be very easy to mount on the exterior of the tube. I will have an acrylic Dome on each end of the Tube once I get the flange cut and welded on to the rear of the tube. I calculated the Buoyancy of the Tube with the domes on, to be around 17Lbs in fresh water and currently the weight of the tube with the batteries and electronics comes in at close to 10lbs. I still have to add on the weight of the motors lights and the stainless steel feet so I am hoping I have lots of buoyancy left over for a gripper arm etc. I decided also to go with two LIPO 5000ma C20 batteries again hoping to eliminate some of the issues that were talked about in your last discussion with voltage drops. I have not figured out yet which way to connect these but was thinking one for the motors and the other for the electronics and lights and maybe someone can guide me in the best direction to go. So at this point I am waiting for the Capes so I can do some testing. I was also going to use two vertical motors one on each side of the tube but listing to the last discussion on current draw I may wish to go with only one vertical motor or maybe even change to Brass props so we will see how these batteries hold up before I invest in new props. I have added a few pictures for you to look at.


Nice job David! Are those the Delta V rotors? I missed the conference call, so what type of brass props are you going to make/buy? How did you decide to breach the hull for motor wires/tether?
Look forward to your updates.


Thanks for your inquire.

The Rotors I selected were from HobbyKing 3." duct fan

I had been looking at buying brass props until I found these but I still think the brass props may be the way to go although it will be more expensive. Props I was looking are similar to these:

As for the wires going through the hull I am still thinking about this. I have been looking at SeaCon Connectors but these are proving to be to expensive:

1 MC-BH-8-M-S/S, 1ft 20 AWG (std) leads 1-5 102.66 Regular soldering 3 weeks ARO to ship.
2 MC-BH-8-M-S/S, 1ft 18 AWG leads 1-5 123.20 3 weeks ARO to ship
3 Nut and washer in S/S Any 2.00 Stock avail
4 MC-IL-8-F, 2ft 20/8 cab 1-5 63.71 Stock avail
6 MC-DLS-F Locking Sleeve any 7.00 Stock Avail
So I am now thinking of making my own connector for the Motors/Lights/Gripper by passing all the wires through some sort of tube connector that I can epoxy all the wires in much the same as the OpenROV. The Tether I may just go with a Secon Connector because they are so nice and detachable. Was thinking of a 4 pin connector.