[MUST HAVE] Evolve your openrov experience to the next level


hi folks,
i am using openrov since two years now, and i ve always been a nit furstrated when doing some dive. my laptop is heavy, can t see much with the sunlight on the screen, wel, hapiness wasn t quite complete.
so i ve decided to upgrade, evolve my openrov experience.
first, i changed my heavy acer predator for an asus flip chromebook, less than 1kg, and after chanegd the ip of the openrov (chromeOS dont allow you to use 192.168.254.* ip range) now i can use it for my rov with an extra usb to ethernet adaptor (20 eur)

Working in the drone industy, i am used to fly with video goggles, that feels very immersive, and when i fly using a screen i get the same furstration than using the operov, i feel being spectator, not pilot.

What is great with the asus flip chromebook, is that you have a micro HDMI output, wich allows you to plug some HD VIDEO GOGGLES (cinemizer hd) http://cinemizeroled.com/ and that was A FUNCKING BLASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!

with the wireless xbox controller that was just an awesome experience, and really, if you have the opportunity to buy, or get some cinemizer goggles, do so, it s worth every single penny.

today for the first time, i felt onboard in my OpenROV and it is a damm good feeling!
so i had to share :slight_smile:

FPV goggles for the Trident?

I was just looking for goggles with a HDMI input. My ASUS tablet with an HDMI output probably won’t be usable in the sun. Have you been able to try less expensive goggles that your drone friends might have? How about just Google Cardboard?



you can t use cardboard, or in order to use cardboard you would need:

usb video out on your pc
cockpit view with two separate view for both eyes

that s why hdmi video glasses are the only way so far, but believe me , it s really worth it


Are you able to record the video stream when you are using the Chromebook?
I am still waiting for my Trident (witch hopefully will be ready soon), so I am not experienced in any way with the OpenROV. I have only borrowed one for a few days. At that time I used a Surface Pro 4, and was able to record the video stream, with VLC.

I am hoping that a cheaper solution like a Chromebook will work, since computers and water are not usually friends.


Those look cool. I’m going for the DJI Goggles since I also have a Phantom 4. Still waiting for my Trident though.

Very good resolution on the DJI Goggled. Two panels at 1920x1080. http://www.dji.com/dji-goggles


I tried out my Trident last weekend and realized I’ll need something other than a reflective screen unless I’m flying the Trident at night. I was all set to order a pair of cinemizer after reading this thread (although I find the price to be exorbitant). I then read this review and changed my mind.
I’m currently pretty sure I’ll get the Avegant Glyph but the DJI Goggles is still a contender. Both options are half the price of cinemizer or less.
I really like the fact that the Glyph has the ability to view your surroundings above and below the headset as I’ll be using it from my boat and there are a lot of people out there that aren’t paying attention to where the’re going.
From reading reviews and comments the Dji Goggles have a wider field of view and therefore give the appearance of looking at a bigger screen than with the Glyph=more immersive. But then the Glyph technology supposedly gives a sharper picture without jagged pixelpattern that you often get when looking at a tiny screen from no distance (Dji Goggles).
I found a guy willing to sell me his hardly used Glyph for 360 USD and that seems like a good deal to me.

Anyone have thoughts on this?




My father bought a pair of Glyph when they were a kickstarter. I have had the chance to play around with a couple times. I also have used various versions of fatshark goggles for FPV drone flying, as well as play around with the Oculus in VR.

The Glyph has a fairly good image but the field of view is the smallest out of anything I have ever used. It feels like you are looking at tiny screens. The fatshark goggles I have used also have small feeling screens but they are not as small as the glyph. The image quality however is a lot worse and I find myself constantly adjusting them on my head to get a clear image. The fatshark I used (they are a bit old now so I am not sure about their latest) were a bit blurry at the edge of the lenses. The other issue we noticed with the glyph is the time it takes to get the image right for you. The image is being projected on your eye and therefore requires it to be setup just for you. Making it not the best option if you plan on sharing them, as every time you do you will have to set it up again.

If field of you and immersion is very important to you I wouldn’t suggest the glyph. If that doesn’t bother you and you are gonna be the only one using them regularly then it is a very good option. One other thing I should add, is I never tried the Glyph on an Android, and I am not sure how the support is.

Good luck,


I bought the Glyph for my Trident and it works really well…
I read the reviews saying the percieved screen was tiny so I had low expectations. Maybe that’s why I was positively surprised when I tried them. I don’t think it’s small at all. I’d say it’s like watching my 55 inch TV in the livingroom from say 3 meters away. Definitly not a VR experience but definitly enough to pilot the Trident.
I do need a powered adapter for it to work with the MHL micro USB port on my Sony tablet which is a hassle.
The fact that you can keep situational awareness (by looking up or down) beats any loss of immersive feeling in my book.


Based on my experience, this is fundamental : you will quickly feel unsecure once you loose all ouside view. I have made this experience by putting a dark blanket on my head in order to hide from the sun.
I have just bought on ebay a Leitz Cinemizer. I hope that that will solve the sun problem while keeping an outside view.
Has somebody experience with the cinemiser ?


Just to comment, that’s an individualistic psychosomatic response to the headset. Not everyone gets that unsecured, disoriented feeling with full removal of an outside reference point. Your mind adjusts pretty quickly. since our brains do not depend on one or even two sensor modalities for environmental interpretation, feedback and response, our system very quickly adjusts. I can let myself believe i’m on a cliff face with the headset on by ignoring the sensations of the chair I’m sitting in or the floor I’m standing on, that’s what’s awesome about immersion, however, the immediate conscious notice of the floor or chair, checks any overreaction to the visual and auditory encapsulation.

As far as an outside view goes, have you seen ROV command modules? They don’t have windows, because the pilots and scientists want the full immersive feeling as well as remove any outside light interference from observation.

I think the more you experiment with full immersion, you’ll be looking for ways to increase the experience, removing all outside reference points. In my opinion :slight_smile:


I’d say the difference would be that the pilots/scientists are sitting comfortably in a darkened room in the bowls of a large research vessel piloted by others or possibly anchored.
If you’re sitting in a small open boat in the busy Swedish archipelago or even standing on a pier where there are people moving around I would prefer situational awareness.

I have a VR headset at home and I’m amazed everytime I put it on. It really feels like you’re there (wherever there happens to be) but that’s in the comfort of my own livingroom. I wouldn’t like to wear it outside in public because I’d have no awareness of what’s going on around me.


nocomp apparently does (higher up in this thread). I was choosing between the cinemizer and the Glyph but the reviews all taken together (and the price) made me choose the Glyph. I would have liked to try the cinemizer though…


I have ceived my cinemizer oled. Impressive !
Can only recommend.