Multiple Cameras


How would I modify the javascript, html and css files to allow for 2+ cameras or camera switching for multiple cameras? I played around with the html and css files to see if i could get 2 video divs of the same video input but that was unsuccessful.


I would start by trying the bootstrap thumbnails concept:


Update: I've been able to switch between video sources (video0, video1) and I have been able to change the sizes of the image, and duplicate them. However, which file will let me initiate 2 video sources for streaming?


lib\OpenROVCamera.js actually kicks off the commandline options that turn on mjpg_streamer. The app.js directly instantiates the object. Theoretically if the video source and port for watching the video were parameters to the OpenROVCamera constructor, you would create two or more camera objects in app.js.


How would I modify frame.js?


Networking is not my thing: How would I enable another port such as 8091 to allow for camera streaming?


I know this is an old thread. But has anyone figured this out yet? I would like to mount an additional camera with “topside” recording.



So the basic steps for adding additional onboard USB cameras:

  1. Get a small USB hub. I have used self powered hubs where we can splice the power adapter in to the 5 volt rail of the controller board. Camera’s tend to pull around 450ma of power. 2 of them is pushing things on the beagle bone’s built in 5V regulator. If it works as is, awesome. If not, this is how you provide enough power for both cameras.

  2. Add a script to start the additional camera mjpeg-streamer process:

mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/local/lib/ -d /dev/video1 -r 1280x720 -f 10" -o "/usr/local/lib/ -p <PORT OF YOUR CHOICE>"

Where /dev/video1 assumes your new camera shows up as a video1 device. Some cameras will generate multiple video devices… so your number may be different.

  1. From the surface you can open up VLC to connect to the additional video feed via the port you set in step 2.