Multiple Cameras


After tinkering with a Raspberry Pi and several webcams I have come to the conclusion that the Raspberry Pi cannot handle more than outputting 1 webcam stream at very low quality and fps. This is due to problems with the USB bus that drops about 1/3 of the USB data packets. I then decided to try it on my Ubuntu PC and was baffled that I could only get 1 webcam stream to work as well, even though it was much higher quality and fps. I then booted into Windows 8 and got 2 webcams working, however 3 would not work. Bandwidth is probably to blame for the cap at 2. I think the reason Windows was able to output 2 streams is the webcam's specific drivers vs. Linux generic drivers. Unfortunately Windows will not run on a Raspberry Pi or a Beaglebone, so now I'm looking at either webcams that have on-board decoding with direct support for Linux or a different type of camera entirely. Does anyone have any suggestions on either on-board decoding cams or a different type of camera?


Another way to do it- a video selector switch, controlled by PWM:

Also, I know HD is nice (really nice), but if you used standard definition cameras, I bet you’d get much better frame rates (at the expense of resolution).


Can the RCCC do live feed?