Mounting thrusters to makerbeam


I have seen some other people who have done builds using makerbeam, I was wondering how you mounted the thrusters/motors to the frame? If anyone has any ideas of how I might go about doing this I would appreciate any help!



Hi Jenn,

I used a different set of thrusters for my large build, but if you wanted to use the stock DST-700’s that come with the OpenROV kit, you can certainly do that too.

I just pulled out some of my parts and did a test fit on the M3 Makerbeam bolts and the DST-700 motor mount. They are a bit small and won’t fit without some machining. Luckily the mounts are aluminum so you should just be able to enlarge the hole a bit.

If you’re going the Makerbeam route, let me know if you want a frame review or anything. I’ve had really good success with using Makerbeam for ROVs.



Used a 1/8" standard drill bit to make the clearance hole bigger to fit the M3 screws and then I sanded down the nuts just a tad so they could be tightened down with some pliers manually.

This worked well but I may consider getting the makerbeam t-slot nuts to get around sanding but I was trying to use what I had and make it work.

Thank you for the responses!